Jewels for Jesus- Diamonds in the Rough looking for Love


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In the rural town of Bungoma, Kenya, Gospel Believer’s Fellowship, which was founded by Reverend Francis Bushebi in 1964 to address the needs of the local people, miraculous things are happening. Only the work of God can explain such events, as Rev. Francis, his wife Dora, their son Rev. Robert Bushebi and his wife Irene, and the many others who now staff over two hundred churches within the network, bring the Word of God to a nation starving for truth.

In Bungoma town near the Marell area, the orphanage, Jewels for Jesus, operates. As of this writing there are housed just under two dozen children who are either with no parents, or with only one parent who does not have the ability to support him or her. One such example is a family where the mother had six sets of twins and was cast out by her own family and village, with the claim that she was cursed for having so many multiple births. A single mother with so many children, she now has most of them in the care of Jewels for Jesus.

Funding for the children is challenging at best, as it comes through generous donations and gifts given by those who prayerfully choose to give. Some are regular, monthly partners, others give when they can, still others give up a one time love offering.   The Lord will not have the same call to each person, but at this time, there are only two children, a set of 4 year old twins who have regular sponsors.

It is my prayer that you will go before the Lord and ask if you would be one who would be called to be there for the children. It may be to give a monthly amount for one child. It may be a one time love offering, or a single item to purchase after finding out a particular need. Rev. Bushebi can be contacted at or by emailing or

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Acknowledging Imperfection


This is a new blog by a new friend and partner of our ministry who has been instrumental in the most recent steps of our development. Thank you Hilary.

Originally posted on Purposed For Good:

It is a hard reality for many to face, but we are all far from perfect. Countless people make it their life’s mission, whether consciously or otherwise, to hide their imperfections from the world and even themselves. Trust me, I speak from experience on this. The truth is, this world is comprised of flawed individuals, including you and I. The good news is this is not where the story ends. Despite our frail human nature, there is a limitless source of love and joy to be had by all if we intentionally tap into the pipeline.

I will be the first person to tell you I am far from perfect, but I am sure I won’t be the last. I have lived a lot of life in my short time on this planet, making a multitude of mistakes along the way. When I sit back and honestly evaluate those unpleasant…

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2014 in review


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This is an assessment of the Living Sacrifice Ministries blog you have been following, as we presented it this year. One of the best ways for more people to be able to appreciate what you have been able to is for you to share this with others. Please share this with anyone you think may be interested in what drew you to us to begin with.

God bless you and have a Happy New Years.

Serving Him through Serving Others,


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 430 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

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Ministry Partner in Kenya Hosts Youth Conference


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Gospel Believers Fellowship Ministry of Bungoma, Kenya, a Ministry Partner of Living Sacrifice Ministry since the beginning, hosted its year end Youth Conference the week before Christmas.

The event was attended by young people, some who came from the families of faithful members of the church, and others coming to hear the Word of God for the first time! As a result, lives were touched, souls were saved, and healing of body, mind, and soul was seen and felt.

Brother Bushebi preached powerfully, but gave all glory to God. Prayer and support information for the ministry can be directed to Brother Bushebi at or on their web site at

Serving Him through Serving Others,

Pastor Jim Dakis

There was much praising of God and glory given during the conference. Below are a few pictures sent to me to be shared.


Needs of Forgotten Children in India


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In a country of over 1 billion people, where an estimated 34,011,900 are children, estimates show that close to 2,246,000 were orphans in 2010 according to Helping Hand for Orphan Children.

One Christian ministry that has made it a life mission to not only feed and clothe these young souls, but to bring the gospel to them and the surrounding communities, is Church of the Almighty God, which first started with one humble congregation of believers, and has planted additional churches, providing Bibles and ministry tools to further their work.

Knowing that their work is far from over, prayers and support are still needed, and they may be contacted at .

Pastor Rao M.A.,I.T.I., Senior pastor of the church, has faithfully overseen operations, and would love to be in contact with you about how you may connect with them.

0204  05 5 06 03 07

Bible Lovers Ministry of Andhra Pradesh, India gives hope to two dozen orphans.


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I could try to explain the mission and needs of our Ministry Partner, Bible Lovers Ministry, located in Andhra Pradesh, one of the 29 Indian states located in the southern part of the nation’s poorest area, but I would rather leave it to Raghav Rao Gathram, the man to whom God has given the honor and privilege of caring for this facility to explain:children4children3

Home for Orphan Children: I have been providing shelter, food & Education to 24 orphan children in our Orphan home since two years with little donations. Kindly help us in the name of Jesus Christ to our Orphan children.

Children home meets the spiritual, physical, emotional, & mental needs of homeless and abused children in Guntur district.

We are suffering a lot to feed Orphan Children in our children Home. We need your special Prayers and support.

I am spreading Gospel to people in villages and conducting prayers in their villages regularly. Kindly bless our children in the name of our Lord Almighty and sponsor to these beautiful kids.

I humbly beseech you my dear generous brother have a heart for this letter of mine and please drop a line of communication by e-mail.
Thank you so much.

With prayers,
Your beloved brother in His Ministry,
GV.Raghava Rao
Sundarayya colany,
Guntur District,
Andhra Pradesh, India.
PH:91 9440282960

children1Bro.Rag with childrenBLM Children home

Gospel Light Evangelical Mission-Busia, Kenya


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Located in Busia, Kenya, almost at the border of Uganda, Gospel Light Evangelical Mission has the daunting task of bringing the Word of God to a population that not only if filled with a number of indigenous tribal religions, and about 11% Islams, but also over 60 spoken languages in addition to the officially recognized national tongues of English and Swahili. Many of these are spoken so regionally that to even go from one county to another may pose a challenge in communication.

A country that just over fifty years ago was under the rule of a foreign government for almost a century, they have been stricken with internal conflict ever since. Even today they face challenges from pirates and terrorists who would challenge their sovereignty.

Coupled with the constant battle of drought and monsoon (one will stop just in time for the other to start), there are constant challenges for farmers to keep the people fed.

It is no wonder people of faith have a need to have strong leadership, and why the challenges of the leaders of Gospel Light Evangelical Mission in meeting the needs of the unchurched are that much greater in a nation where doubt and fear run deep.

Pastor Davis Juma Ochieno, and the faithful leaders with whom he works have done remarkable things to bring the Gospel message to all who wish to hear in their little corner of Kenya. If you wish to stand with them in partnership, or learn more about the work they are doing, please feel free to contact Pastor Davis at

Serving Him through Serving Others,




New well being dug.



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A Girl of Many Houses – Finding Home

This is a re-post from a blogger I follow. Meg, a seminary student who is recording her journey through her studies. I share this with you for a few reasons. Meg, whose open heart is an inspiration to me as I read her journalling, touched on a number of things this week.

First, I am preparing for a trip myself. Now living in California for the past twelve years, I am returning home to Virginia for the first time in five years to visit family. It has been “home” for over half a century, even though I didn’t live there the whole time, but since my parents were both raised there, we always had family there. Now I have my father, daughter, and granddaughter there, and all my grandparents and my mother are buried there. Am I, like Meg, a nomad? Where is home?

Jesus was a nomad. Where was His home. He was born in a cave/barn, but reigned on high in Heaven.

Read what Meg writes, subscribe to her blog. For such a young lady, she is so full of insight and wisdom, even someone such as I, who has journeyed through life more than twice as long, learns something every time I read from her.

Serving Him through Serving Others,


A Girl of Many Houses – Finding Home.


Flood brings Challenges to Exodus Ministries International in Tanzania


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This gallery contains 9 photos.

One of the great Ministry Partners of Living Sacrifice Ministries, Exodus Ministries International, located in , this East African region …

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Needs in Indian Ministry


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One thing that makes Living Sacrifice Ministries such a wonderful gift and honor, is that the Lord has given me stewardship of a ministry that reaches all corners of the world. I received this appeal from a dear brother in India yesterday who, as a most godly saint of the true Church, has given sacrificially with his wife at his side, to bring the truth of the Gospel to many in need in India. The target for the current project is the children in many villages. Please read bellow, the letter sent by Rev. Dass, and stand with me in prayer for this ministry that God will guide  you to know if it is His will that you join in partnering to help with the great financial need our friends at Bethel are facing. They can be reached at and at or on Facebook at Rev. Arvind Dass and his wife Molly look forward to hearing from anyone interested in the ministry.

Serving Him through Serving Others,




Prayer Appeal for 2014-Summer Camp
Dates:01-o5 -2014 to 15.05-201
Venues: 20 Church Locations in Different Villages

Targeted Children : 4,0000

Dear Prayer Warrior and Friends of Bethel,
The Month of May- 2014 is hardly 4 weeks away. I have to decide, and provide for all the needs of This camp. All our 30 associate churches will be very seriously involved in preparing the place and getting 150 to 300 kids in each Camp-church centre. In some places schools and hindu temples are used. These are all hard work and providence.

FIVE, full day classes will be conducted in each centers. Study materials, furniture(rent) Drinking water, Snacks, Specially trained Teams from Organizations, lunch, volunteer teacher, transport, prizes.etc will cost 5$/per kid. for five full days as a Over all expense. -4000 kids therefore need 20,000$ Move the hands of god with us. “Don’t stop, hinder (or) block the kids coming to me” He said!

Kids smoke, drink, use drugs, spoiled with moral degradation,wild, disobedient, criminals and much much more! It’s Our Moral and Spiritual Obligation to bring them to the knowledge and presence of the living Savior.
Please! pray and Help us to reach as many kids as possible!

May His name be Glorified.


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