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Jesus confront the Samaritan woman at the well.

What “Living Water” Did Jesus Offer? Charles Stanley

Use the above hyper-link to get to “Answering the Mysteries of Jesus Christ”, then type the subject in the search box for Dr. Stanley’s article. When Jesus went through Samaria, had He used a GPS, He would have found that He had gone the shortest route. (In fact, no doubt everyone with Him knew it was anyway). However, as a Jew, to travel through the land of the despised Samaritans was unheard of, and it was logical in the eyes of a “righteous” Jew to go around. None the less, Jesus had a mission in the form of the woman He would meet.

How willing are we to break with our routines, the norms of our lives, in order to serve? When was the last time you told someone in need about God’s Living Water? Let me challenge you to do it this week, even if you make it a regular practice. Write a comment on this post to share what happened when you did.

Serving Him through Serving Others,