It has been some time since I have posted, yet I have been in contact with a number of faithful saints around the world, by email, various social networks, and even by phone recently. In addition, the ministry activities the Lord has blessed me with here at home in California continue to mount.

I have told a number of faithful that I would be featuring their ministries through posts here, and as the administrator, I was the only person who had access to put things on, so it was up to me to find time to do this. I still intend to do this, but there is also good news! As of tonight, there is also a Facebook page under LSMinistries, (Someone already had the full name taken), so feel free to like the page and put pictures up yourselves.

Anyone on my email list or who is already a Facebook friend should have already been notified of this.

To those who have contacted me about various challenges in your regions, such as weather, illnesses, wars, and such, I have been in prayer and will continue to be. For now I must retire for the evening, and will be back with ministry updates soon.

Serving Him through Serving Others,