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In the heart of Logas, Nigeria, where so many have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Dr. Steve Bank-Ola diligently works with his team of dedicated disciples of our Lord to train the future leaders and pastors who will build churches not only in Nigeria, but wherever God calls them.
I had a chance to speak to the Professor a few days ago by phone, and the excitement in his voice when he speaks of his mission was enough to turn up the fire in my own soul as well.
May we all learn from the Saints like those in Nigeria, and partner with them in prayer.
Bellow is a very informative lesson by the learned Professor himself. May it bless you as much as it blessed me.
Serving Him through Serving Others,


Pastor Steve Bank-Ola

Pastor Steve Bank-Ola

Rev. Professor Bank-Ola, Steve Abayomi



In the beginning God created the heavens and earth and ultimately formed man in His image and likeness to subdue and have dominion over all other creatures –Gen1:28.
The above connotes that god supernaturally bestowed on man awesome abilities to perfectly manage the earth, show forth His praise, worship Him and glorify His name. The fall of man established variableness in the level of man’s ability and consciousness because the glory had departed his life and ability to do things right on his own. God as a result of this institutionalize leadership so that those who have edges over others in their conscious abilities would be able to lead or influence them to do righteousness.
To facilitate this spiritual responsibility God established laws as a guide to check and balance man’s consciousness. Christians are confused about the word leadership in the church today because the main reason for the leadership institution in vague.
The will of God for man to live on earth is established in Rev.4:11…..for thou art created all things for thy pleasure” God derives his pleasure in praises and worships. Man has lost focuses as a result of satanic acerbic wits. The fall of man has plunged man into imperfection and limitations in all areas of life. This is the reason for the establishment of leadership. The rate of apostasy is alarming and worrisome. Jesus Christ came and commissioned all believers to a call to influence others to come back to God and to call others to consciousness that this earth no longer belong to man because it is corrupt and that Christ is coming to lead the faithful to the eternal home. On this premise was the great commission from heaven to lead people back to God to enjoy the beauty of redemption of Jesus Christ. When you become born again you need to challenge and inspire the shared vision contained in the great commission to enable others act.
You must model the way forward, new life and encourage the heart of others to worship God. The Bible confirmed the call of some personalities in both Old and New Testament. Jesus Christ called His disciples, trained and commission them to lead people into the kingdom of God through preaching and teaching. Jesus said from now on you will be catching men. Luke5:10 and in John15:16 Jesus said I choose you to go and bear fruit. This means leadership is spiritual. The church is growing numerically, spiritually intellectually and financially but leadership in the things of God does not grow because of democracy. God controls the church through it’s leadership. Today in our church the authority of God is usurped by the synod or church council. Every call in the body of Christ is spiritual and purposeful but at times the areas of operation may be secular. You are called to function where you can make the most of your own contributions with ease before your time.

The purpose of leadership is to meet the needs of the time. Leaders are instruments of God He uses to meet the needs of the time. Hence, everyone that gives his life to Christ in the fold is called to influence others outside or his entire generation to worship God in this holy fold. And noteworthy is the fact that the grace of leadership even among the called is given to few that is why we have pastors who are spiritual leaders in the fold. You must wake up to inspire and encourage individuals to give their lives to Christ , live a holy life and do their best in other to achieve the task laid down in the great commission.

HOW CAN WE ACHIEVE THIS? -Matth25:14-31, John 6:13.
All and sundry believers in the fold must use all the facilities and abundant grace given by God to accomplish the task. The facilities are:-
I. The study of the word of God.
II. Personal relationship with God. That is constant prayers and worship so as to be a model unto others especially your neighbors.
III. Understanding and obedience to Holy Spirit.
IV. Your gifts and talents. That is your spiritual, intellectual, material, and financial resources that are graciously given unto you. You are required to set pace and add values to people’s lives –Matth 5:13

God said a servant deserve his wages. Working for God is not static. God promotes people and increase them financially, spiritually, materially, intellectually according to His riches in glory. Your obedience to God’s command will command the following into your life supernaturally. See Ps112, Deut28:1-14.
i. Protective advantage that is divine security.
ii. Financial prosperity and security.
iii. Magnetic advantage which is favour all-round.
iv. Promotional advantage
v. Divine presence – John3:1-3, Matth28:20.
vi. Educational advantage- John14:26, 1John2:27.


Character is the quality that makes an individual different from others. This is all about character transformation.
There are different kinds of believer – James 1:19-26.
Nominal Christians – These are hearers only.
Active Christian – These are hearers and doers – when you are hearers and doers, you naturally flow in the attributes of God.
Character is the quality that forms the pattern of an individual behaviour or lifestyle.
Character Development
It is the improvement, building, growth and advancement upon the lifestyle or behaviour pattern of an individual. It is all about changing your lifestyle positively and profitably
How to Start;
To start developing your character to profit in your life, you must first have to open your heart to Jesus Christ.
Qualities That Reveals a Spiritual Leaders Behaviour
 Discipline,
 Humility,
 Honesty,
 Love,
 Servant Look,
 Diligence – Hard work,
 Wisdom,
 Courage,
 Moral Excellence. Your character reveals your identity – Eph 5:1
Why Character Development Necessary?
Improvement upon character is necessary based on the following among others.
 So as not to be a self-deceiver,
 To enable you walk in the light of the word.
 To be followers of God.
 Many failures in life are character failures
 To enable us constantly fit in the kingdom business,
 It is necessary because we are the light of the world Mt 5:13-16,
 To help in fulfilling the great commission.
 We are epistles to the world – 2 Cor 3:1-3

Honesty – Being faithful to God and living an upright life Joel 2:13, Prov. 1:22
Aspect of Dishonesty : Lying, Slander. Deceit -1 Pet 3:10
cheating is an act of robbery and a way of taking what does not belong to you by force. It is a way of presenting a partial statement as fact causing another person to receive as truth.
Effect of Cheating:
 God is against it.
 You lose everything by cheating. Complete honesty in every areas of your life is God’s demand. When you deal in honesty, you have free conscience in dealing with God and man – Prov. 13:18

This is a spiritual leaders mode of life or general conduct. Excellence is an enviable mode of life.
Factors that determine your Moral Life
Your thought, your words and your action or deeds – Prov. 5, 6, 7,
Thought: Sow a thought reaps an act, sow an act reap a habit, sow a habit reap a character and sow character reap a destiny – Prov. 23:37, Matt 12:34-37.
 Your thought determines your action
 It determines your person.
 Your life and ministry cannot be bigger than your thought of your life.
 Pattern your thought correctly
 Nurture in your mind a great thought for you will never grow any higher than you think.
 Thought are invisible that controls the visible they are silent.
Weapons to Guide your Thought: Thought that can guide your heart – thought shield – Prov. 4:23 Matt 5:17-20
 The word of God – Ps 49:11, James4:11.
 Engage in responsibility —Is 63:8, 9.
 The name of Jesus Christ-Prov. 18:10
 The blood of Jesus Christ- Rev 12:11, John 10:10, Heb.9:14
 Holy Spirit – Act 1:8, Is 59:19
The Use of the Mind
The state of the mind influence your character and patterns of life – 1 Thess 5:23
Hold fast that which you have – Rev. 3:11
Note – let all souls be subject to higher powers.
• You control your mind by the power of choice – Deut 30:19.
• Every thought that passes through you places an indelible mark on your mind Hab 2:1-3
• Your mind is meant for sacred purposes. God places a lot of value on our imagination Gen11. We are the expression of God’s imagination 2Cor 10:3-5
• Your imagination is an access for the, miraculous
• The battle is worn or lost in the mind.

Phil 4:8 – Condition that must be fulfilled to know they are thought of God – Ps 2:6 I
Proof all things – 1 Thess 5:21
God’s thought speak peace all the time – Ps 85:8 Phil 4:9
It must agree and be established in the scriptures – Ps 138:2, Rev. 3:10.

Your Words: Math 12:34, Luke 11:3, Numb 14:28
 God responds to your words Eph 3:20, Rom 4:17
 Prov.6:2 – You can liberate
 James3:1-6 –You can set on fire
 1Peter3:10 –speak good word. If you want to live good live

• The knowledge of his own mind.
• The worth of his character
• The principles upon which he is building his own life.

i. SIN – Matth4:3 – Sin is an active weapon.
ii. Accusation – Satan’s main objective of accusing a believer is to spiritually paralyze him as an animal falls into a trap.
iii. Spiritual strongholds – 1Cor10:3-5
• A spiritual stronghold is a mind-set impregnated with hopelessness that causes a believer to accept as unchangeable, situations that we know are contrary to the will of god.
• Strongholds are located in the mind – Rom8:6-7
• Strongholds are made up of thoughts and are developed in the shadow of our strengths. We know our weaknesses, thus making it difficult for Satan to use the element of surprise. But where perceive ourselves as strong, we tend to relax and consequently fall prey.
• Strongholds are often activated by painful trauma such that makes a Christian to say he cannot forgive.
• Strongholds create a double mind that results in spiritual and emotional instability. Strongholds must be destroyed.

• You must submit your strongholds to Jesus our Lord. James 4:7
• Resist the devil
• Draw nearer to God. James 4:8

Your Actions:
 It is important to God.
 Let your action corresponds with your words – 1 Sam 2:3.
 Be a doer of the word. Be committed in doing the word – James 1:23-25
Qualities of a Good Believer
 Outward appearance – 1 Pet 3:4
 Diligence – hard work – It doesn’t kill, it refines the destiny, Laziness is not Christianity – Eccl 9:10, Zech 4:6, Heb 6:10.,
 Servant look – when your services take root from your heart faithfully it is a highway to greatness – Luke 22:27, Phil 2:5-11, 1 Pet 5:6 – be ready to serve and an example and manifest the resemblance of Christ in your character – Luke 16:12 be faithful..,
 Courage – Ability to control fear in the face of hardship or danger. Don’t let hardship abort your destiny – 1 Sam 30. Discouragement and fear go together. Strength and courage go together. Refuse to accept defeat or accept No for an answer – Micah 7:8
 Holiness: This is living right according to the will of God – righteousness – Heb 12:14.

Five Ways To Develop a believer’s Character,
 Do not depart from the word – read, study and practice – Jer 15:16,,
 The Holy Spirit is the enabler to practice.
 Determination – You must make up your mind to practice the character of Christ. You need to be purposeful.
 Learn to keep company with the wise – Pro 13:20.
 You must be acting on the word – James 1:22,

 To understand and appreciate our supernatural source.
 To bring us unto understanding of the forces behind the miraculous.
Signs and wonders are the heritage of God’s children. Being spiritual we are established in the realm of sings and wonders. Mk 16 confirms rightful position in the miraculous realm.
Signs and wonders are the supernatural act of God. They are events that cannot be decoded by the natural circumstances. Signs and Wonders are covenants identity of God. He gave us his word for signs and wonders production. – His word is a rod for signs and wonders.
What I am seeing is Temporal? – 2 Cor 4:18
 Signs and Wonders is the only proof we have to silence every opposition .
 When there is no signs and wonders Christian religion becomes a bundle of frustration -Ps 74:9.-17
 Signs and Wonders are the kingdom advert Signs and Wonders are the need for church supernatural growth
 The end time church is known by its command of Sign and Wonders. Magic always copy the original.
 When God created the first man he was Signs & Wonders, he was dominion personified. He single handedly named the animals. He was never sick
 Garden of Eden was an arena of Signs & Wonders. When Adam the first sinned, he lost the blessedness of the original felicity and consciousness of God and as a result lost the Signs Wonders.
 God restored the Signs & Wonders through Jesus Christ – Ps 71:7.
 The birth of Christ, earth and resurrection are signs and wonders

FOUNDATION OF SIGNS AND WONDERS:- spiritual understanding is the foundation of signs and wonders. – Prov21:16
 If you understand your identity in Christ, you will produce sign and wonder.
 I am God, Am made in the image and likeness of God. Ps 82:6,
 2Cor 4:4. When you have understanding you procures favour”
 I am spirit – John 3:6, Gen 1:26. The physical world is subject to the spirit world. The consciousness of being spirit gives dominion over the enemy – Isaiah 54:16.
 I posses divine life or nature. The soul controls – the mind, intellect and emotion.
You need the word of God to wash and purify it. You must be conscious of the divine nature – 2 Pet 1:4
 I am an ambassador on Earth – with divine backing – 2 Cor 5:20. Your welfare is not a subject of debate in the host country.
 Yours is the kingdom of God John – 3:5, Ps 91:1.
 You enjoy righteousness, joy, peace in the Holy Ghost – Rom 14:17.
 You are a king and prince – we are to reign on 6fl& earth. Hence to perform priesthood function.-1Pet2:9
 I am in command of angels – Heb 1:14.
 I am kingdom power broker.
 I am uncursable, The apple of Gods eye – Numbers 23:18-23 – He who curses me is cursed..
 No enchantment, I am the apple of Gods eye- Ps 105 :14-15
Prerequisite into the school of sin:
 Lust is the basic requirement.
 Attraction is the admission letter.
 Sin is the course of study..
 Death is the certificate

 You must experience new birth: It initiates you into the realm and born into the family of faith – John 1:12, it connects you to power.
 Receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It enables you to demonstrate the power of signs and wonders
 It is the entrance into the world of manifestation of Holy Spirit.
 Initiation Power – This makes you basically a bonafied child of God – John 1:12.
 Manifestation Power – This level enables you to experience Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It empowers you to demonstrate the power and witness the power of resurrection – Act 1:3.
 It graduates to the manifestation of signs and wonders – Act 2:42 as a result of the multiplied knowledge of the word of God.
 The manifestation of the gifts is to produce profit. However, without the fruits of the spirit, you cannot realize any gain.
 All the fruits are interdependent, hence one missing fruit connotes others cannot work.
 If you lack any of the fruits the security of your destiny is at stake – John 15:4.
 You must recognize your position and status in Christ before you can fly in the realm of Signs Wonders
 Endeavour to mentor people and be conscious of imparting them in morality even with the fruits. Act 14:11,
 I am a God to adversaries Ex 7:1. I am sited in the heavenly places.

ENVIRONMENT FOR SIGNS WONDERS: You must have faith Environment. Signs Wonders happen in the atmosphere of faith.
BOLD DECLARATION – Ps 18: 44- 45 – Until you declares what you believe you will never manifest signs and wonders

 The word of God,
 The Name of Jesus,
 The blood of Jesus,
 Praise

Miracles are not accidental. They are the deliberate acts of God, provoked by the deliberate faith of men. Every divine intervention always requires human vessels -Rev 5:2-5.
There is no time God wants to interfere in the affairs of man without the use of man.
This topic is born out of the following objectives
 To understand God’s mind to enable you take charge and manifest as the son of God on earth.
 To possess sound knowledge and wisdom of the operations of the working of miracle,
 To humiliate the devil and his courts, to put Satan where he belongs and to glorify God always.
 To have access to the secrets behind the working of miracles in this our contemporary times.
 To understand the place of the word, prayer, bold declaration, faith, purity, the name of Jesus and Holy Spirit in the working of miracles:
 To regain our confidence and assurance that we can live a life of unending victory.
 To be filled with miracle working mentality.

 You must be sanctified. You must be regenerated.
 You must be genuinely born again. It is the vessel that determines level of the virtues that flow out.

WHAT MUST I DO: Every man is a potential carrier of the virtue but not everyone can carry the virtue or the presence of God?
Regeneration: – The unregenerate mind cannot carry the unction. It takes the anointing of the Holy Ghost and presence of God for you to wrath miracles-Act 10:30, Ps 114:1-8
Until you are dead to life you cannot carry the unction. The unction to function in the miraculous is a function of your life -Act 19:11, Heb 10:5. The kind of life you live determines the flow of unction in your life. It is only the prepared vessel that can carry the unction – 2 Tim 2:19 -22, Phil 2:5-8 – A pure heart.
It is your level in morality that determines your anointing. The working of miracles is one of the gifts of the spirit. It is your covenant moral standard that determines the wrath of God’s miracles through you. You must be committed to the things of God.
Dictionary: A wonderful event attributed to supernatural being by the suspension of natural law. That is full of wonders, astonishment. It is a remarkable event that is packed up of astonishment amazement. There is a source behind every miracle which is God – Ps 62:11. God is the power back-up behind every supernatural event.
Biblical Perspectives:
 Miracles originates from God,
 They are operated through men,
 Not without faith,
 Not without involvement of the Holy Spirit God’s original intention for man is to manifest the miraculous – Gen 1: 26.

– You have what it takes to wrath miracles but until you appreciate what you are carrying, what you are carrying will not produce signs and wonders. Josh 10:13-14.
New Testament: To reverse the irreversible – Act 5:12
 To show further His praise – I Pet 2:9,
 To humiliate the works of darkness -1 John 3:8, Ex14:22- 28

The Gift of the Miraculous is Two Fold
1.The gift of instantaneous healing – Acts 5:12-16, 19:11-12.,
 For the purpose of deliverance – Ex 3:7
 To bring about deliverance to set the captives free – Ps 105:19-20,
 Healing the sick-Act 15:12-16,19:11-12,
2. To Manifest our sonship – Deut. 18:18,
Mark16: 15-21,
 To Manifest Dominion – Gen 1:26-28,
 To win souls-Acts 5:14

The Platform for the Operation of the Miraculous
1. New birth: – The root of your supernatural is in the new birth.
 New birth gives principal access to the Miraculous,
 It gives the same and certain manifestation of things in heaven here on earth.
 You are made a commander and born to determine every event around you.
 It confers on you the identity of divinity – Ps 82:6,
 Since I am a carrier of God’s presence I operate Godism,
 If you are a child of God you are a God,
 You must recognize your new status consciously.
 Everything produces after its kind – Ex 15:11.
 You are to operate and carry the identity.
 He that cometh from above is above all – John 1:33.
 Until you understand your identity you cannot operate in your position.
 Working of Miracles is in the heritage of every believer.
 Until the prophet is accepted, they don’t see what the prophet is carrying. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed.,
 Until you grasp your heritage in the miraculous, you cannot operate in it.
 You must be in agreement and consciously in obedience and total submission to God. – Amos 3:3 – Can one be in sin and expect the grace to abound – Rm.6:1.
2. Purity: This is a fundamental condition that must be fulfilled. This is what makes you break forth. It makes you enjoy unending manifestation. – Ps45:7-8.
 Unsanctified vessel cannot operate in the marvelous – 2 Tim2:19,1 King 4:31
 It is a personal responsibility. He that keepeth himself the devil tourcheth not.Ps105:15, 1John 5:18

1. The Word of God.
This is the light of insight- Heb 11:3-4, 12, Jer 23:29, Dan11:32, Isaiah 55:11.
 Your word or Emotion cannot do anything but the word of God.
 The word of God makes a person a commander of science.
 A wordless Christian is a rodless Christian and a rodless Christian is a worthless Christian. He is not fit for the warfare.
 He will become victims in the hands of the enemy. He will be exposed to the rod of the wicked.
 Miracles respond to the words. – The dry bones responded to the words – Ezek 37:1-10.
 Encounter with the word gives you a perfect control of the issues of life. It is the word you carry that places value on you.

2. Faith Access: –
 It is faith that makes it happen.
 What you want to be is traceable to the faith in you-Mk 16:17, Heb 11:1, 10:17, John5:4
 It is the license to operate in the realm of signs and wonders – Mark10:27, 9:23 until you believe God you are not entitled to his intervention – Isaiah 53:1.
 Every miracle is a product of divine intervention
 . It is the quality of your faith that determines the result and not the quality of scriptures.
 He that believes \w transformed from the natural realm to the supernatural realm.
 When you are not due you cannot endue. Until you are endued you cannot subdue.
 Until you subdue land it cannot give you it’s due. When you have the due you will manifest the glory of God – Luke 24:49, James 3:13
 Faith is nurtured by Hearing – Rm10:17.
 Faith commits the ability of God in the conflicts of life.
 Every genuine discovery guarantees a recovery; until you discover it you cannot recover it.
 Work out your faith to make things work for you – Jude v 20
3. Holy Spirit Access
 Knowledge is pivotal, fundamental anchor, essential to the supernatural – John 6:6.
 In the school of signs and wonders knowledge is highly essential. It does not happen without the word of God. It operates and is rooted in the word of God.
 Holy Spirit has His gifts. The gift of wisdom. The gift of knowledge. The gift of discerning the spirit or understanding
 The Holy Spirit gives us an insight into the relevant knowledge of the scripture to understand how, what, when, where at a time. Without the Holy Spirit you are just a Charismatic searcher of knowledge – John 14:26.
 Holy Spirit guides you into all truth and without the truth; you are not entitled to
 He quickens your understanding and enhances your knowledge of God – Isaiah 11:2.
4. Sound Production Access that is Bold declaration.- Prov13:2
 Anything you cannot declare, it means it is not clear.
 Your part in miracle, no one can take it from you.
 It is the word of your mouth that determines the wonders of your life.
 Every sound produced must be loaded with faith and every faith must be rooted in the word of God and achieved by the Holy Spirit.
 Mind what you say, always say or utter positive words.
 The sound you make determines the signs that follow.
 God packaged authority in the tongue of Moses – Mark 11:23, Mtt 12:36, Isaiah 44:26.

 Life and death are in the power of the tongue – Prov 18:21
 Out of the abundant of the heart the mouth speaketh – Luke 6:45
 Load your heart with the good words of the scriptures. Feed fat therein. Learn to be quiet.
5. Name Access-
The name of Jesus, Your word is true, you cannot deny yourself. You are the Alpha. Omega, unchangeable Honor your word oh Lord.
 The name of Jesus is the secret behind every miracle.
 Every name produces its kind when its called. You need to know the worth of the name before it produces the desired manifestation for you.
The Source of the Name:
 The name of Jesus Christ is gotten as a result of conquest – Phil 2:2
 It is a gift from the father – Isaiah 9:6.
 It is gotten through prophecy
 It carries dominion. It is given to us to have dominion.
6. Prayer Access:- It is unscriptural for us not to pray. There is a place for prayer in the school of signs and wonders. Jesus gave model prayer – Matt 5.
7. Praise Access:-
 You can pray in amiss but you cannot praise in amiss – Paul & Silas in Act.
 When you praise you provoke God to step into your situation Ps 114:1-8, John 6:1-7, John 11:1-44. Always appreciate God, when you don’t, you depreciate.
8. Fellowship Access:
 Sings & wonders don’t happen without a designated place or area – Obad 1:17 Ps 63:1
 A place where God had prepared and anointed for the miraculous – Heb 12:22,
 Environmental anointing – Isaiah 8:18
9. Operational Access for Signs and Wonders:
 Boldness – courage expiration of your confidence,
 Sensitivity to divine signals,
 Compassion – love
 Good company – or companies – Act 4:23
 Boldness:- Ps 125:3, Heb 4:16
 Knowledge increases your strength
Compassion – with deep concern.
Without it you cannot bring the supernatural to manifestation. If you are not compassionate you may not qualify to operate in the realm of signs and wonders.

Success Pinnacle.

1. Purpose – Purpose discovered is half the journey up the ladder of success. The greatest tragedy in life is not death but to be alive without knowing the purpose.
 Find out -What, where, when, why.
 Find your own part and stay there in it.
 Living without a goal is living like a goat.
 It is your work in line with your purpose that determines your worth. When you are in the place of your purpose people will look for you. God is not looking for your ability but for your availability.

 Delivery Channel – Hab 2:3.
 Discovery Channel – vie your gifts, talents etc. God will always give you ability for what you need from what you have. A man’s gifts make room for him – Prov. 18:16.
1. Purpose System for Success.
 Purpose – knowing what to do.
 Planning – having ability to see the future by the reason of your purpose and ability making adequate arrangement to get there.
 Programming – It is the sequence and timing of your steps involved in executing action. Pursuit – giving it all it takes to get there.
 Perseverance – Sticking to it until you get it –
 Consistency in praise. Praising – Giving Him thanks for every level of achievement even seemingly little.
 Possessing – Ensuring that you get it and keep it.

2. Information:
 Information is very vital to be successful.
 Information gives transformation. If you are not informed you cannot be transformed.
2 Tim 2:15, Josh 1:8-Study, Meditate etc. Keep it at your elbow. .If your library is. less expensive than your wardrobe, you don’t have a future. Place optimum value on information. Uninformed makes you deformed. A borrowed book is a borrowed knowledge. When it is returned knowledge is returned. Every genuine vision rides on the wheels of information. Information is the power base of success.
 Direction,
 Consultation – Materials – printed, audio – visual.
 Meditation,
 Inspiration-Job 32:8,
 Conviction – being persuaded about the validity of the information,
 Communication – share it with people, Decision – Make decision on them – qualitative
4. Character Success System
i. Confidence – Heb 10:35-36 – have your confidence in God, Any endeavour that will not win you absolute confidence in God is not from God – Phil 3:3,
ii. Courage – John 1:6 – 7 – Willingness to take risk or steps in spite of the fear you feel, Courage is the back bone of conquerors,
iii. Faithfulness -1 Cor 4:12,
iv. Meekness – Ps 25:9. Matt 5:5,
v. Righteousness -1 Thess 5:22. Job 1:1,
vi. integrity – Character – Your real you, Reputation – What people say you are?
vii. Personality – Who you want people to believe you are Hence when your C = R = P
viii. Integrity.:- When your C can be defined in your R and March up with your P it becomes Integrity,
Discipline – Ability to exercise self-control over yourself,
Discipline your Spending, Taste, Sleep, Eating Habit, Relationship. Relationship either fuel a weakness or seed a strength.
5. Diligence – Prov. 22:29 – The only substitute for a hard life is hardwork -John 5:17. God is a worker. He is diligent-John 9:4, Hab 2:3.
i. Task – You see it as something that must, be done – seed time and harvest time shall never seize.
ii. Training – The largest room in the world is the room for improvement, Train yourself either formal or informal, Self-development is superior to academic qualification,
iii. Target – Set goal – A diligent set goal for himself and work towards it to achieve the goals,
iv. Tool – An instrument for accomplishment. This must be basically the word of God,
v. Timing – Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, You must time your operation, a degree of skill. To exercise executive administrative and supervisory position.
vi. Tillage – This is the actual working of the task,
vii. Tarrying – Keep working until you see result – Gal 6:5,

All your behaviour is shaped and controlled by who and what you think you are. You are born to lead and you must become a leader – you are the head not the tail. You must have the right perspective of what you are. Hence think like a leader.
Objectives –
 To define management.
 To understand the fundamental of effective management that produces results without stress. :
 To understand the biblical approach to effective management
 To understand the biblical principle in the placing of men
 To understand the importance of organizational structure.
 You cannot be blessed beyond your ability to manage resources – Matt 25:14.
 It is only the business approach to things that brings glorious result – Luke 2:49.
 You will remain where you are until you decide where you rather be.
 It is the intolerance of the present that guarantees you your future.
 Biblical – The Judicious use of means to accomplish an end.
 Management – A skillful use of various resources to accomplish the purpose of an organization.
 It is a prudent and Judicious use of material, man, money and moment. Accomplish a defined objective.
 It is the availability of adequate leadership within our organization.
 This complies that management is not just a system. It required men – Judges 7, Ex 18, Gen 11.
 God ordained management to preserve life.
 It is external force applied to have a healthy organization.
 Where there is no control there will be chaos.
 Management requires the bringing together individual efforts – 1 Cor 14:8.

 The purpose of management is to bring the best out of resources in other to achieve results. It requires creating the right environment for harnessing every potential. The journey to accomplishment begins with purpose. The hallmark of any ministry is purpose. Every organization always has a mission statement that defines its purpose – Prov. 15:22. Everything done must agree with the purpose. Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. There must be a defined leadership structure for management to be effective.
 Leadership must be effective and must be clear.
 Effective management demands that a functional hierarchy must be in place.
 Effective management requires definite and specific direction consistently from leadership – John 6:20,1 Cor 14:8.


1. YOU NEED TO HAVE LONG AND SHORT TERM GOALS. This means overall mission goals, but short term is in the immediate – Ps 119:105.
 i. Motivation. To stimulate or stir up action for the purpose of achieving a goal. It is creating a positive environment for achieving the overall purpose of your life, family and organization.
 ii. Rapport- Trusting harmonious relationship create report with people establishing common arrears to relate with.
 iii. Communication- This is the strongest binding force in management. When communication is lacking disintegration is inevitable.
Ingredients for Effective Communication.
 The message sent must be properly conceived in the mind before it is sent. Ensure what you are communicating represents your mind.
 The message received must be identified. You must know the target and ensure that the means of communication is adequate and clear.
 Create a room for feedback to confirm that the message is understood.
 One of the greatest inhibitor of effective communication is assumption. Assumption is the mother of frustration, 87% of your total life information is gathered by what you see, 7% by what you hear. 3.5% by what you smell, 1.5% by what you touch, 1% by what you taste.
Having the right and power to take action – Luke 9:1. In utilizing vested authority, it must be exercised in the platform of earned authority by good examples. You must therefore recognize the purpose for which that authority is given to you – Act 8: 9-24. Everything you see in your life has a purpose. Until you understand the purpose don’t start to use it. Authority is not vested in a person but in a position.
LUKE 9:2-5 defined as being answerable for the discharge of a particular duty as assigned and being responsible for the outcome of the duty. As a leader before you take a decision think about the implication and be ready to take responsibility.
Dividing properly various assignments within an organization into smaller task and assigning them to different members of the organization to enhance effectiveness and productivity. No’ matter how small the unit there should be division of labour.
Delegation Providing the right and freedom for someone to perform a particular assignment especially on behalf of the management-Luke 10:19, Matt 16:19, Ex 18:13.
5. PLANNING: This is a cornerstone of management. This is the fundamental key aspect of management to bring out result. The future belongs to those who prepare for it. Planning is being able to see the future and making adequate arrangement to get there. Lack of planning will always lead a person a step forward and two step back ward. There should be planning concerning every aspect of your life.
Aspects of Planning –
i. Setting Goals or Determining Objectives:- Make a habit of setting goal on everything. ii. Establish Policies and Guidelines – Rom 4:15. Surround your life with principles, policies and rules. Don’t become anything goes. If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything. We need to establish policies and rules because it enhances decision making and compliance.
Iii. Strategize – You must have action steps for achieving your goals. Avoid assumption, but locate facts. Your facts must be relevant and update.
iv. Procedures – Methods of implementing policies,’ objectives and strategies must be clear preferably in written form to ensure consistency and efficiency – Ecc 10:15. Don’t assure that people will do the right thing write out the procedure.
v. Programming – It is the sequence and timing of steps involved in executing action either for long term or short term.
vi. Budget – There must be a budget in place. Budget is the report of expected demands required to achieving objectives in monetary, manpower and man hour terms. Don’t overtake any action without a budget. Not having a budget is a sign of irresponsibility.
WHY BUDGET: We budget to eliminate waste in every area.

That you have an opposition shows that you are in a strong position. For every original there are counterfeit.
 Pray and ask for guidance of the Holy Spirit – Neh 1:6.
 Appraise your environment-Nah 2:11. Environmental Analysis.
 Identify the current position of the organization – Neh 2.
 Establish objectives V 17.
 Identify your resources in terms of manpower, money, time and materials. Identify your obstacles.
 Develop your strategy.
 Your budget – Luke 14:28 count the cost

 Scorners, Jesters, Distracters – Neh 2:19.
 Anxiety – Phil 4:6.
 Misconception -Wrong information and understanding.
 Ambition – overestimation or underestimation of self.
 Working by sight. Procrastination-tarrying, postponing.
 Complacency – Just satisfy for where you are. An intolerant of the present is what creates the future.

Rewards of Planning-
 It eliminate stress on the way.
 It affects decisions you make – Luke 14:31, 32.
 The quality of your preparation determines the quality of your performance – Prov 22:29.
 Proper planning guarantees the completion of any project – Luke 14:28.

A number of individuals systematically united to achieve set objectives. A miracle will bail you out of your mistake but your ignorance will recreates crises.
Manpower Demand –
 Don’t ever hire anybody on compassionate grand rather give assistance.
 Don’t employ the person you don’t need.
 Don’t hire anyone you cannot fire, if you are too big to obey instructions, you are small to give instructions.

 Ability – Ex 18:17 Availability is not enough to delegate but suitability is mandatory.
 Spirituality – Such that fear God Honesty – Men of Truth
 Dignity.
 Humility – have respect for management.
 Versatility – 1 Tim 3:6. Don’t engage in promotion beyond efficiency.
 Loyalty – The committed minds to the job and the organization.

The Yardstic to Measure a Manager
Excellence, accuracy and speed -These three must be balanced
Characteristic of an Effective Manager
 Courage – Josh 1:3, 6. Gen 41:16. 25. Courage is the custodian of strength. In the face of challenges, you keep moving on. Don’t be daunted.
 Firmness – Josh 24:15. Decision – making – a decision no matter who is involved.
 Man of Vision – He must be fired of with the vision of the organization – visionary.
 Discretion – Tactful – Must have wisdom and ability on how to go about things-Gen 41:39. Initiatives – He must be a thinker in addition to being creative. Faithfulness – Gen 41:55. A faithful man is a fruitful man.

 Management of change.
 Management of self.
 People’s management.
 Financial management.

Management of change – Organizational change. Change is evidence of life, it is mandatory for growth and it is required for progress. Only God does not change because, he is constant. Good management set timetable for periodic changes after a review don’t fight change – Luke 13:6-9.
There are Five Major Ways to Response to Change –
 You can resist change, You can prepare for change,
 You can despise or ignore change,
 You can accept and adjust to change,
 You can initiate change and manage it
Management of Self.
 This requires discipline. A manager cannot control his subordinate effectively if he lacks control – Prov. 16:32.
 You must discipline yourself with time and what you say. utterances
 You must discipline yourself with power.
 You must discipline yourself with sleep. 1 Tim 3:5.
Things to Examine –
 Look inward, check your talents, your abilities is set to improve an item.
 Get a Mentor or a Coach – Someone you can draw inspiration from.
 Time must be used judiciously. Monitor your ink hours.
 Affinity for Power – Vested authority must be balanced with earned authority. Promptness – In terms of your attitude to work
 . Character – good image, name and reputation.
 Rapport – maintaining good relationships

The act of placing and coordinating people towards the realization of a set goal. The most valuable asset in life are people – Prov. 29:18.

The Principles of Human Resources
 It is a function of the person and his environment. People like to be valued and you must learn to add value to them. When you have people working for you and you value them they will work and deliver results.
 An individual perception of a situation influences his behaviour in that situation.
 An individual view of himself, influences what he does, he not only want to be accepted but also wants to be respected.
 An individual’s behaviour is influenced by his. needs and his fear.

Every time you borrow, you are saying God is slow. So thou shall not borrow, every man according to his ability. Life is in faces men are in sizes
Financial indebtedness is not a function of need but of lifestyle. Line upon line precept upon precept a little here and a little there.
 Debt is a result of bad management. Avoid credit purchase. Don’t buy to pay later. Surround yourself with principles, Policies; No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
 Always work by budget. Don’t negotiate when you are hungry otherwise you will agree to everything. Take stock – where you are coming from and going.
How to Avoid Debt –
 Develop and increase your skill for better output
 Be desperate with your financial and covenant relationship with God.
 Make savings – Think of the future. It is scriptural to save.
 Identify your financial enemies. Avoid impulse buying.

 In time management, don’t try to remember everything write them down.
 Jot down when you have every meetings, each phone calls must be timed
 A clutter desk does not necessarily mean a creative mind. It may represent sign of disorganization and lack of focus.
 Make a habit of keeping receipts.
 You don’t determine your future, you determine your habit and your habit determines your future.
 What you do repeatedly becomes easy when it is easy, it becomes pleasurable then you do it often and it eventually becomes a habit.

Objectives –
 To learn how to manage a business.
 To learn how to taking couscous practical step for the purpose of making profit while rendering genuine services.
 To know that business is of God.
 To prepare the student for a prompt zealous approach to life.

1. Success in business is not an illusion only a strategic approach will deliver glorious result. It is a realistic possibility – Ecc 10:15.
2. When you locate the “How” it must respond to you..
3. Don’t allow life to drift you about life doesn’t give what one deserves but what you demand. The kingdom of God suffereth violence; it is the violent that take it by force.
4. You will remain where you are until you decide where you rather be.
5. Success in business is a product of you having the raw materials, the manufacturing Product procedures and functional processing plant. These will enable you to always produce and reproduce.

Raw Materials you Need.
The raw materials are relevant knowledge. You’ need to load yourself with relevant facts.
Manufacturing Product
This is the word of God. The Plant-is the mind.
Business – Defined. Business is any activity or endeavour engaged which is intended to yield dividend or profit whether spiritual, material or financial. God is the greatest investor of all times because He gave his only begotten son -John 3:16.
STRATEGIES – The method that makes for success in areas of life endeavour spiritual warfare rather than weaponry determines the degree of success – Ps 78:9, Prov 24:6, 30:24.
Biblical means Scriptural based:-, it is derived from God’s words.
Biblical Business Strategies – base on biblical principles. It is taking conscious practical steps for the purpose of making profit while rendering genuine services – Luke19:13-15. Services is the Motive and profit is the benefit business is of God.

Why the need for Biblical Business Strategies –
 John 10:10, Ps 74:20- Because of spiritual wickedness.
 Darkness is all over the earth – Isaiah 60:2. The brighter your light the quicker you go. If you don’t stand for anything you can fall for anything.
 The world system is not in your favour – myself, you.
 God is interested in business – Luke 19:13.
 God is happy over Profitability.
 God hates idleness – Matt 20:6.
 God is angry over failure – Luke 19:20-26.

Biblical Business Perspective Prov. 23:7
 Your breakthrough cannot grow beyond your thinking thorough.
 Align your thinking in accordance with the word of God – Josh 1 :8.
 Business success is not a gift, it is learnt – Isaiah 48:17 3. 4. 5. 6.
 God desire that you make it – Jer 29:11. John 2:2.
 You must be determined to enforce your breakthrough – Ps 66:3, Deut 8:18
 God had already made provision for your business success – 2 Pet 1:3
 Your breakthrough is determined by your knowledge – 2 Peter 1:2.
 Your business tactics must be biblical – There is no right way of doing the wrong thing – 1 John 5:7.
 You must be born again to enjoy fully the benefits of biblical business tactics -Jn 3:3-7.
Note: You will be remembered in life for 2 things. The problem you solved The problem you created.
How to Start a Business-
Vision – Heb 2:3. Every distinction is the product of the labour room of vision.
 Get vision not advice in starting your business.
 Note that vision gives direction. It is the eyes of life-Judges 16.
 Expectation is the mother of manifestation of vision you might not be there yet but must know where you are going – Eph 3:12-14.
 The best of the plan is not equal to the least of Gods plan for you.
 Once you catch the vision, it means it will be fulfilled – Jer 29:11.
Three Categories of Faith you need to fulfill the Vision –
Your ability to access the presence of God for leading is dependent on the content of faith of your heart.
 Faith in God-Heb 11:6-9.
 Faith in the vision – Phil 1:6
 Faith in yourself – Phil 3:14.
 A man without a vision is like a stationary car. Purpose is the key to the vision and source of passion.
 You must discover your purpose. This must contribute in a way that your children would be able to leave on even after you are gone.
 You don’t have to be great to start but start to be great.
 Your purpose is often your particular response to the needs and aspirations of mankind. Things of the world you find painful or upsetting or trembling are powerful keys to the discovery of your life worth or purpose.
 You can only discover it by paying attention to it and respond with energy
and enthusiasm.
What excite you the most, what events, activities and people provoke or invoke the strongest response from you?.
Validation – This is the point of conviction, it helps you build confidence and courage. It is obtained through prayer – Jer 33:3.
 It is obtained through scriptural revelation – John 16:13, Rom 8:16.
Focus – Concentration –
 There is no distinction without focus.
 Men fail because of broken focus – Prov 22:29, Matt 6:22.
 When focus or concentration is in place distinction is born
 Concentration is abiding with Gods given vision.
 Do it – no excuses – don’t procrastinate about. Pay attention to only the expedient – principle of priority.
 Set a High Standard.
 Start small and make excellence your hallmark
 Don’t despise little beginning – Job 8:7.
Interaction – Relate with people of likeness – Prov. 13:20. yourself with people who have results. Ask questions and reject bad companies.
Requisite Knowledge – Know how – Hosea 4:6 locate facts • by consultation either from books or persons by person – Dan 9:2. The books you read and company you keep determines where you are
Plan – Preparing a sequence of actions steps to achieve some specific goals.
 A plan is like a map, it tells you where you are.
 It is the shortest road to enduring success.
 Planning is thinking ahead. The future belongs to those who prepare for it – Prov 24:3,4.
 Planning is a productive projection for the purpose of successful implementation. Your

Plan Must be SMART:
S – Specific,
M – Measurable,
A – Action Oriented,
R – Realistic , Reasonable,
T – Timely Target date:
Note: Nobody plans to fail but people fail to plan.
Set goals for yourself:
 Spiritual – Holy Spirit – Dynamite deposit.
 Business – Grace to travel around the world – Breakthrough.
 Family – A good wife / husband – Peaceful and successful, Fruitful heavenly home.
 Educational or Social
 – Plan Purposefully.
 Prepare prayerfully.
 Proceed Positively
Pursue persistently.

How to remain in Biblical Business Strategies
 A prompt zealous approach to life is indeed necessary for you – Ecc 9:10, Prov. 4:18.
 Where you are is only a stepping stone to where you are going.
 Don’t sleep or rest there.
 Fight Luke warmness – hard work is often the easy work we did not do at the proper time- Rev. 3:15-16.
 Show that you are heading to somewhere great.
Character- This is what keeps speaking for you long after the customer has gone
 .There is no right way of doing wrong thing.
 Character is not a gift it is developed – Heb 5:14, Prov. 28:20. Your actions can become your habit; your habit can become your character, can become your destiny.
 The measurement of a man’s character is what he would do when he discovers he will never be known.
Take Risk – What we take for granted today look impossible today.
 Don’t be afraid to take step.
 If you leave your life to chance you will never have chance Many qualities are going to make a leader but two are vital. His ability to make the right decision. Courage to act on the decision.
Time Management – The currency of the earth is time –
Note the following:
 Time wasted is life wasted.
 Those who do not respect your time will not respect your wisdom
 Set deadline for every task. Living in your daily routine is the price of the future. You must put a price on your time.
 Avoid time wasting activities – You can be busy but not effective active but not progressive.
 Don’t give up – keep on keeping on,
 Tough time never last but tough people do,
 In the midst of adversity confess prosperity – 1 Cor 15:58, Gal 6:29.
 You cannot learn from anything that embarrasses you – Prov 17:22.
 Make God your Senior partner in business.
 Make God No 1 in profit sharing – Ps 16:8.
DILIGENCE: Not just hard work but purposeful and result hard work.
There are two roads to these.
 Take nobody’s advice. Take everybody’s advice.
 Diligence is not just a goal, it is a life style – Prov. 22:29.
 Discipline is doing what is commanded and not doing what is convenient Prov. 25:28
There are two pains in life.
 The pain of discipline.
 The pain of regret – Esau chose the pain of regret
Dedication. Be deadly committed – It is conviction that brings commitment – John 12:24

Christian Business Ethics – This is the standard way of doing or going about a business as a believer.
-There are basic principles and habits for business in the kingdom.
It finds expression in 3 areas –
 Attitude.
 Relationship.
 Management.
Your approach, your attitude determines your altitude – Prov. 23:7. Be sure your brain is engaged before you put your mouth into gear. Think twice
Seven Kingdom Business Attitudes.
 God is the sole cornerstone of the business. – Prov16:3.
 Your working habit should be dignified – wisdom is the hallmark of Christian work, habit – Luke 7:35.
 Business is business – Luke 2:49.
 Respect your job, let your appearance and speech give dignity to your job – Don’t use wrong language – Rom 11:13.
 Always give glory to God-1 Cor 10:31.
 Appreciate others.
 Integrity – is of the heart – quality of being honest and morally upright.

This is human interaction in his association with the purpose on a goal. When wrong people leave your life wrong, things stop happening. – Prov 13:20.Friendship is by choice not by force.
Relationship in Business.
 In your business, your relationship with God must be the No 1 on your priorities – Matt 6:33.
 Relationship with yourself- knowing who you are – I Tim 4:16.
 Relationship with your family – Eph 5:22,1 Tim 3:5.
 Relationship with the church – be committed to fellowship – Heb 10:25.
 Go to church for service. It is your Service Station for you to be serviced.
 Go to church and drain out all dirt’s and refuel.
 Service your spiritual car.
 Relationship with your employees/employer in love – Eph 6:9. Engage in sincere reward system – Don’t higher anyone you cannot. fire.
 Relationship with clients – your customers.
 Relationship with society and community.
 Relationship with professional bodies and governments. Pay your taxes
 This is the control and organization of an Enterprise.
 It is about making decision and making choices.
 It involves communication
 It is about innovation and creativity.
 It is about motivation.
Case study: Job and Sons Enterprises – A subsidiary of JEHOVAH AND JOB LIMITED – What made job achieved the unusual success could be seen here – Job 29:12-17.
 He delivered the poor from crime.
 He delivered the fatherless.
 He caused the widows heart is sing for Joy.
 He was righteous. He became eyes to the blind. He became feet to the lame. He did not condone wickedness and evil.
 He sacrificed to the Lord continually – Phil 4:18, Jere 33:11, Heb 13:15, Eph 6:18, Judev20.