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                     Friends Orphanage Project's photoPastor Ruhasha Fresiano Dickson

In a country already torn by strife and attempting to assist warring neighbors DC Congo and Rwanda, Uganda is now being faced with loss of aid by its own allies amid accusations of political corruption. Unfortunately, those hit hardest are the children, the ones furthest from being responsible for any of this, and the most hopeless when it comes to caring for themselves.

Even worse, are the large number of orphans the country sees. Fortunately, the ministry of Friends Orphanage Project, under the leadership of Pastor Ruhasha Fresiano Dickson has been caring for as many children as the Lord will send their way since they opened their doors.

Here is just a small bit of what Pastor Dickson says on the Friends Orphanage web site, which can be found at http://www.christianfriendsorphanage.8k.com/index.html. “Uganda is an East African country and one of the poorest nations in Africa. AIDS has killed lots of the Adult guardians and parents living the Infant children in tears on the streets of kampala.
80% of Ugandan families are hit by the Aids Epidemic and 48% of uganda’s children have been witnessed eating Trush on Dust – Bins of kampala strets.
Christian friends orphanage by 22/6/2000 could not contain all tat was happening within the streets of Kampala. By this period, it had began a church mother care center , however due to the increasing tn orphans that could come for accomodation and food at cornerstone miracle/Revival Church, this led us to begin the christian friends orphanage which could take care of these children’s perishing lives.

Pastor Ruhasha fresian Dickson is currently the Director of the Orphanage. He oversees the orphanage in all it’s dimensions

Church pastors helped by other members founded the orphanage.
Apostle/ Pastor Ruhasha Fresian DicksonPastor Florence TuhaiseSister Allen – the school Head teacher presently.
Sister Naluyimba Advisor and Arts Teacher Sister. Mary Sophie Osaya – Director of Prison Fellowship Uganda.

Please partner with me in praying for Pastor Dickson, his staff, and the children. Friends Orphanage Project can be reached at the following:

Friends Orphanage Project .
P.o Box 34191
E-mail: friendsoforphans@yahoo.com
or Send a Mail to:
Pastor Ruhasha@yahoo.co.uk

Serving Him through Serving Others,