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It has been a very long time since I have posted anything here, and at first, this may look like I have either fallen off the edge of the cyber world, or as a Christian blogger, back-slidden horribly.

While I make no claim to not falling away from the Lord many, many times, and struggling with temptations put before me not only daily but hourly, I am glad to say that my absence has been more due to involvement in ministry duties elsewhere and my inability to manage my time as I should. Much of that comes from my lack of discipline.

God gives us all the tools we need to do His work, and the discipline to manage our time, money, talents, and other resources is no exception. The problem lies when people like me think that listening to His direction starts and stops with listening to what task He has for us, and then saying, “Thanks, I got it from here”. It would be like starting your first day on a job and being shown to your desk. Your boss says, “You will be processing all incoming invoices for merchandise coming in, balancing the books at the end of the week, and reconciling monthly reports with all other regional offices. Ted will be by later to show you how to get started”. You look at your boss and say, “I don’t need Ted. I have worked a job before, and besides, I went to college. Doesn’t Ted have better things to do with his time anyway? There must be someone who isn’t as smart as I am who could really use his help!”

A week later, your replacement is being told the same thing because you have been let go, having never let someone show you how to do the job. The resources were there, they were offered, but pride wouldn’t allow them to be used.

Recently, I was offered an opportunity to use my talents in another capacity with a newly formed education venture. My first thought was one of pride. “Hey, the chancellor of the school recruited ME for this job, I must be GOOD!!!” In fact, a state of humility should have come over me, and a long period of prayer about whether or not this was God’s will, (which did come before I spoke to the chancellor) was the right thing to do.

A decision will not be made until later this month, but it did make me wonder how many times in the past fifty-one years I have made decisions based on my pride, my immediate gratification, emotions, or outside pressures, instead of taking the time to turn to my Father, who never lets anything happen out of time. Nothing ever happens too early or too late.

What about you? Do you put time limits on God? He is patient with us, and we must understand that He has His own schedule. I apologize only that I have been absent here for so long because I was keeping my own selfish schedule, not His.

Serving Him through Serving Others,