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Deus KanunuThe following is a missions report from a Ministry Partner of Living Sacrifice Ministries who was at the tail end of a successful missions trip in Tanzania, when his bus overturned on a dirt road. The account he gives below is one of a man who praises God for the success of the mission much more than he dwells on the negative facts of the accident. I pray that we can all learn from this.

Serving Him through Serving Others,



“Mpodire” Means “Hi” from the Rungwa people found in the western part of Tanzania. Katavi is the new Region of this people group, their former Region was Rukwa but after the division of two Regions on this area done by the current president Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Rungwa people fallen in the Katavi region in Mpanda District.

My trip to Rungwa people was not good since it involved a bad accident of our bus on the way back to my city Tabora, some died, some badly injured but I’m still breathing because of the God’s hand saved me out from the bus. I will write more about this below, please go on reading this report.

It was early Thursday 23rd January at 5:00am when my wife Ezena prayed for me and left for Rungwa people and left my children still sleeping on a bed. I went to catch my bus for a long trip of 332km from my city in a rough road filled with many water ponds on the way.


Because it rained much on the way, our bus was not going faster as expect instead we spent 11 hours to Mpanda town. Imagine, on the way there is only 4 small towns and the least area covered by Ugalla River gave reserve, Ugalla forest reserve, and Katavi gave reserves.

Thick forests we saw on the way and some animals such as zebra, hyenas, and impala. There were areas which very strictly not allowed for camera taking and bus to stop. We saw crocodiles, and Hippopotamus in rivers. I was told that, the areas where buses and any vehicle not allowed stopping are the areas where by lions and elephants are found. I didn’t see either Lion or Elephant on the way. I spent a night in Mpanda town and the next Friday 24th hired a motorbike to Rungwa people.


Mamba is a village was directed to meet Rungwa community and it was a right place for me to get more information about them.

Most of the Rungwa people found in extend family and lives in houses made by trees, mad bricks and have grass roofs. I was able to live and follow their good actions as one of Rungwa people” so that to get all the info needed for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Neither electricity nor clean and safe water found to these people but they fetch water from ponds those they call them as wells and use candles as a source of light during the night. I was able to get the information needed and spent one night to a Rungwa type Hotel that has cotton Mattress. I was not bothered by their hotel since there were no mosquitoes during the night and food was nice for me, Ugali (made from corns and cassava and hot water) was my favorite food at this small Hotel.


The next Saturday 25th, hired a motorbike back to Mpanda town to meet a pastor which coming from the Rungwa community. My main concern for this pastor is to here more story about Rungwa people and also to hear from him if he could be interested in helping the recordings. I found a pastor went for church planting to another village that was about 3 hours by bicycle and was unable to meet him. I went to my former Hotel and got a room for the Saturday night expecting the Sunday to meet the pastor. I was able to talk to the pastor through my cell phone and make an appointment to meet him Sunday at 2:00pm.

Sunday 26th Morning went to the bus stand and got a ticket for Tabora on Monday and come back to the Hotel to wait for the Pastor appointment. After a service at his church he called me and we planned a place to meet. My motorbike rider took me to the place and met a pastor and his wife.


 I was able to get more information about Rungwa and agreed to help us with the recordings on due time. I was able to provide them with lunch and then we said goodbye for each other. I did make a short round to go through the Mpanda town and it is just a small town but appointed as the capital of the new Region called Katavi. I was able to visit some pastors in the town from Free Pentecostal, African Inland Church and also a National Missionary from Barry Wood Ministries to Africa; I was able to introduce myself and shared a little bit about our Mission Vision and why went there. Pastors were very happy and they are ready to partner with us to reach unreached people for Jesus Christ by using our Mission resources. I was told also about the SIL family who living in Mpanda town but did not meet them because was out of the town and they are working with Pimbwe people.

On Monday 27th early in the Morning as usual, got a taxi to the bus stand ready for a long trip again back to my city Tabora and found a nice seat at the middle of the bus. We left for Tabora but I didn’t new that our bus had a problem of break. About two hours, at a gentle slope in the forest, I noticed that the bus was going faster than normal and led me to ask my neighbor “why are we going faster than normal?” my neighbor answered me “there is no problem”. Abruptly, I heard people at the forward seats shouting, “We are dying, and we are dying”. “A driver and his assistant opened their doors and jumped out from the bus and left a bus going without a driver”. Then heard a bus hitting trees, stones and rolled about two times and fallen upside down.


I didn’t know what happened but about ten to fifteen minutes after the accident I found myself outside from the bus sitting aside the bus. Then saw people helping others to get out from the bus some were injured badly. After about one hour, I found that, I was okay but feeling headache, pain on my ribs, and my back. People were calling other people and tell them about the accident by using their cell phones but I found that my two cell phones were missing only my camera was still attached on my trouser belt.


After a long time the police came and started ordering other cars to take serious injured people to the Hospital. An ambulance came and joined the work of taking people to nearest Hospital. One private vehicle took me and other people to the Hospital for check up and found that, I was not injured rather than pain. I got some medicines and allowed from the hospital. The same car took us back to the accident area to get our bags so that to proceed with our trip to Tabora.

From the Hospital we found all the bags were collected somewhere from the bus. After being received my bag and tried to check all the things were with me in my bag and trouser and discovered that;

1.        My pocket wallet was missing and in the wallet there was money, driving license, and two of my bank cards plus other personal documents

2.       The GPS used in getting coordinates was missing

3.       My cell phones were missing

4.       My laptop was broken and the internet modem was missing

5.       Some of things in the bag such as cell phone chargers were missing; I found few clothes because my bag was broken. I was able to get some of the language information forms around the bus.

6.       The travelling Map for East Africa found in pieces.

A total of 6 people lost their lives on this accident and more than 17 people were serious injured. I arrived home well but still feeling some pains around my back and my two sides’ ribs. I think still need to do some more check up here in my city in order to be sure with my condition. Ezena already sponged me with hot water. I used a small vehicle Toyota Land cruiser from the accident area to Tabora. Now I’m at my house with my family Glorifying God! Thank you for being praying for me and I thank God for His guidance and protection on this trip. Glory to God!!!

Note: “Doing the Work of God is dangerous – Not doing it is more dangerous” by S. Wurmbrand


In His Easy Yoke!


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