This is a re-post from a blogger I follow. Meg, a seminary student who is recording her journey through her studies. I share this with you for a few reasons. Meg, whose open heart is an inspiration to me as I read her journalling, touched on a number of things this week.

First, I am preparing for a trip myself. Now living in California for the past twelve years, I am returning home to Virginia for the first time in five years to visit family. It has been “home” for over half a century, even though I didn’t live there the whole time, but since my parents were both raised there, we always had family there. Now I have my father, daughter, and granddaughter there, and all my grandparents and my mother are buried there. Am I, like Meg, a nomad? Where is home?

Jesus was a nomad. Where was His home. He was born in a cave/barn, but reigned on high in Heaven.

Read what Meg writes, subscribe to her blog. For such a young lady, she is so full of insight and wisdom, even someone such as I, who has journeyed through life more than twice as long, learns something every time I read from her.

Serving Him through Serving Others,


A Girl of Many Houses – Finding Home.