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Located in Busia, Kenya, almost at the border of Uganda, Gospel Light Evangelical Mission has the daunting task of bringing the Word of God to a population that not only if filled with a number of indigenous tribal religions, and about 11% Islams, but also over 60 spoken languages in addition to the officially recognized national tongues of English and Swahili. Many of these are spoken so regionally that to even go from one county to another may pose a challenge in communication.

A country that just over fifty years ago was under the rule of a foreign government for almost a century, they have been stricken with internal conflict ever since. Even today they face challenges from pirates and terrorists who would challenge their sovereignty.

Coupled with the constant battle of drought and monsoon (one will stop just in time for the other to start), there are constant challenges for farmers to keep the people fed.

It is no wonder people of faith have a need to have strong leadership, and why the challenges of the leaders of Gospel Light Evangelical Mission in meeting the needs of the unchurched are that much greater in a nation where doubt and fear run deep.

Pastor Davis Juma Ochieno, and the faithful leaders with whom he works have done remarkable things to bring the Gospel message to all who wish to hear in their little corner of Kenya. If you wish to stand with them in partnership, or learn more about the work they are doing, please feel free to contact Pastor Davis at davisjuma@gmail.com.

Serving Him through Serving Others,




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