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In a country of over 1 billion people, where an estimated 34,011,900 are children, estimates show that close to 2,246,000 were orphans in 2010 according to Helping Hand for Orphan Children.

One Christian ministry that has made it a life mission to not only feed and clothe these young souls, but to bring the gospel to them and the surrounding communities, is Church of the Almighty God, which first started with one humble congregation of believers, and has planted additional churches, providing Bibles and ministry tools to further their work.

Knowing that their work is far from over, prayers and support are still needed, and they may be contacted at realorphanneeds@yahoo.com .

Pastor Rao M.A.,I.T.I., Senior pastor of the church, has faithfully overseen operations, and would love to be in contact with you about how you may connect with them.

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