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In the rural town of Bungoma, Kenya, Gospel Believer’s Fellowship, which was founded by Reverend Francis Bushebi in 1964 to address the needs of the local people, miraculous things are happening. Only the work of God can explain such events, as Rev. Francis, his wife Dora, their son Rev. Robert Bushebi and his wife Irene, and the many others who now staff over two hundred churches within the network, bring the Word of God to a nation starving for truth.

In Bungoma town near the Marell area, the orphanage, Jewels for Jesus, operates. As of this writing there are housed just under two dozen children who are either with no parents, or with only one parent who does not have the ability to support him or her. One such example is a family where the mother had six sets of twins and was cast out by her own family and village, with the claim that she was cursed for having so many multiple births. A single mother with so many children, she now has most of them in the care of Jewels for Jesus.

Funding for the children is challenging at best, as it comes through generous donations and gifts given by those who prayerfully choose to give. Some are regular, monthly partners, others give when they can, still others give up a one time love offering.   The Lord will not have the same call to each person, but at this time, there are only two children, a set of 4 year old twins who have regular sponsors.

It is my prayer that you will go before the Lord and ask if you would be one who would be called to be there for the children. It may be to give a monthly amount for one child. It may be a one time love offering, or a single item to purchase after finding out a particular need. Rev. Bushebi can be contacted at http://gbfchurchministries.webs.com/ or by emailing gbfministries@yahoo.com or  brotherbushebi@gmail.com.

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