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Located in Suna-Migo, Kenya, The Congregation of God Church has proven a strong and faithful gathering of saints over the past few years. When Pastor George Siso passed away last year, leaving his brothers Jared and Charles at the helm, little did he know that within a year’s time, more loss and heartbreak would come to this small, rural church family.

When Pastor George’s son, Ken first took ill and went home to be with the Lord earlier this year, the only comfort that could be found was that the suffering he had felt was gone and that he was now in the arms of his Savior. Also, he would be reunited with his father in Heaven. However, within months, I was informed by brothers Jared and Charles that their father had now passed away. The patriarch of the family, the man from whom all three brothers had learned so much and had grown, was now being buried.

This is hard enough for any family anywhere in the world. The loss of a family member, particularly a community or church leader. However, in the rural town of Suna-Migo, in drought-stricken Kenya, the financial burden is adding to things in ways that cause stress on the family more than they can sometimes bare.

As a Ministry Partner of Living Sacrifice Ministries, I am asking anyone who feels they can help to stand with my brothers and pray with them. Also, if you feel that the Lord has gifted you with a small amount that you can share with them, please contact Pastor Jared at jaredosiso@gmail.com for details on how you can help.

Serving Him through Serving Others,

Reverend James M. Dakis, D. Min.

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