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Even during a time of disastrous flooding, Pastor Timothy Favour has not let up his zeal for the Gospel.


As of May 8, 2018, at least 150 people have lost their lives in the flooding in Kenya. This number grew dramatically when a dam broke in Karuru county. Additionally, cases of cholera, malaria and other diseases are being reported on increases that health care facilities cannot keep up with as poor sanitation is out of control and transportation to hospitals and doctors is often impossible.

In the West Kenya rural town of Bungoma, Pastor Timothy has already seen the damage come to his own church and home, yet he won’t let that stop him! Even though flooding already damaged the very church building where Sunday services are held, a new floor and pulpit have already been put in so that the Lord’s work will not go undone! If you would like to partner with Pastor Timothy in the work he is doing in Bungoma, please feel free to contact him at¬†timothyjuma1@gmail.com.

“Mechanics are trained by other mechanics, doctors are trained by other doctors, scientists are trained by other scientists. Check yourself, who is your trainer”-Pastor Timothy Juma Wanjala

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